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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

I came across an article on the internet that talked about a CEO’s opinion of the current state of resumes. The resume that contained all sorts of historical information was of no use in the selection process.

The CEO wanted to know the skills acquired and the application of those skills through examples.



It amazes me how many transitioning folks still come to me with that historical resume. What amazes me even more is the number of resources that they have used that still recommend that resume style. So archaic.



Now is the time to start focusing on that skills based resume. Forget the summary. When you apply you’ve told folks that you are interested in their job. Provide the key skills that you have that they are seeking. You get this simply by reading the company’s job description or job posting. List the skills that are appropriate to the job. If not relevant, don’t include.



Here’s an acronym for easy remembrance of the examples – Circumstance, Action, Result – CAR. Describe a time that you accomplished one of the skills that are identified in that job description. Tell the action and then the result. Include metrics such as dollars saved, budget managed, percentage saved, etc. This can be accomplished in two or three lines on the resume.



Once you’ve accomplished this provide your educational accomplishments. It is especially important that you provide your certifications. These certifications can open doors that, believe it or not, education can’t. Employers value the specific training certifications affirm that education can’t.



Finally, don’t include any information that isn’t relevant to the job search. As stated in previous articles, the resume is reviewed in 10 seconds or less. Make it impactful. Keep it focused on the requirements of the job.


Good luck.



Written by Kathryn “Kitty” Meyers, LtCol USAF (ret), SHPR, SHRM-SCP helps the military and veteran communities of San Antonio navigate the many transition and employment resources our great city has to offer.

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